Attack of the Warglords (Fenrir)

A cold battlefield lay before a newly assembled battalion. 

The Fenrir, a race of humanoid wolves with white fur, stand opposing the small human army assembled at Corpsewood. 

Freja, a young Völva (witch) leads a group of archers and awaits the orders of the Jarl of Corpsewood. 

The minutes seem like hours and the Jarl commands the infantry to move forward. Awaiting his signal they move forward and begin to attack the Fenrir. The battle ensues as the battalion of archers commanded by Freja awaits their orders.

Soon the Jarl motions for the archers to ready their bows. The human army is failing and the Jarl orders the archers to loose their arrows. Freja gives the command and the archers loose their arrows, some striking their targets others landing in the damp earth. 

After a few volleys the Freja's battalion sees that they are about to be flanked by a large band of Fenrir. Freja moves her battalion into position and she gives the instruction for them to fire at will. 

Gudbjorg and Endre find their targets often falling many of the wolven beasts. Before long they find themselves being victorious. However, looking to the battle at large Freja sees that the battle is quickly coming to a head as many of the farmer warriors are being slaughtered and eaten by the Fenrir. 

Before long Freja's battalion is overwhelmed by the shear numbers and most are killed and begin to flee for their lives. Freja and two archers Gudbjorg and Endre retreat with her into the forest. 

It didn't take long and the three notice a group of 6 Fenrir perusing them. 

Gudbjorg turns and while running takes one of the Fenrir down with an arrow and continutes running. 

Endre does the same falling a Fenrir on the run. 

The three make haste and finally loose the persuing Fenrir and find themselves lost deep in a dark forest. 



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