Jormander, he's a lot bigger than I thought.

The party was shaken but only for a short while. They all gathered their belongings and resolved to investigate where the other shrines to Ubris were. The goal, at least for now, to send off the witches to their peace. 

Without warning, a voice, in the distance. "There must be a reason the beacon did not light up" grumbled one person. "Yes, let's split up just in case", retorted another. 

The party was circumspect and hastily made their move in the dense forest. They hid behind trees and brush and felled timber. The Volva, Freja, mounted Draco and as silently as possible soared in to the air observing from above. 

Kiera spotted one of the Paladins of Ubris and signaled him. He reasoned that he could talk his way out of what he thought might be necessary bloodshed. "Hello!" he said "I say, do you know the way out of the thickness? I seem to have lost my way and wish to get back to the road" he bluffed. "Are you hurt?" asked the Paladin. "No, no…well, there was a sort of explosion and I was knocked unconscious. But I am feeling better now. I would just like to get back to the road" Kiera declared. 

The Paladins eyes shifted back and forth sensing something was amiss. His heart began to pound rappidly and his hand moved toward his blade. Kiera in an instant slashed his blade at the ominous knight striking him to his surprise. An arrow flew from the thicket from Kelric missing wildly. Jhun waited for his prey behind a yew tree. Freja, stroking Draco's neck, nudged the beast to descend a little closer and she loosed an electric charge of energy from her fingertips, the air was charged and she struck her target with deadly accuracy. 

Once the Paladins knew of the menace in the forest they moved forward with militant assurance. A blade flashed in the face of Kiera as he dodged the first and then a second blow then attacked back striking his enemy. 

Jhun saw his partner in death approaching, taking the utmost precaution he lunged at the knight and struck true. 

Another arrow flung through the expanse between Kelric's bow and his intended target. Shhhhwaft" the paladin cried as he felt the sting of the arrowhead and the shaft opening a gash in his delicate flesh. Kelric grabbed another arrow and readied it. 





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