Of Death and Hill Giants

Endre has fallen

Soon our party finds itself facing the threat of yet another pack of Fenrir in pursuit. The party, as stealthily as they could, hid behind a group of rocks and nearby trees. The Fenrir are savage hunters and within a short time had the party surrounded.  

Suddenly, a Fenrir drops down off of a boulder near Fraja and she backs up. Gudbjorg and Endre loose arrows at two different Fenrir.  

Then as fast as the battle started a crash of a tree pulverizes three of the Fenrir. A GIANT! A giant wielding a tree trunk that is. 

The other three Fenrir lunge at the giant. The party seeing this as an opportune time to flee the scene make haste and dart deeper into the forest. 

In no time they hear the cracking of trees behind them and turn to see the hill giant gaining on them. The party begin to hurl arrows and crossbow bolts at the enormous creature. The party threads itself through the trees and boulders scattered before them on their path. More arrows and crossbow bolts fly. A final arrow hits the giant in the head and it crashes to its death.

The party finally slow their pace, hunching over they catch their breath. 

The party digs into their packs and feast on a little food. They gather their belongings. Not speaking much, but knowing that they are better off together, they soldier on in an attempt to find shelter, a village, or some other form of sanctuary. 

After walking for a time Endre & Gudbjorg spot a strange site in what looks like a clearing. Large vines or the like swaying in the slight breeze some 100 yards away. 

The party decides to get a little closer to investigate. As they approach they see a large monolith in the center of a clearing surrounded by trees that outstretch over head. Nine people tied by their feet are hanging upside down naked with their intestines hanging out from a gash in their bellies. Eight females and one male. They each hang 12 feet off the ground encircling the stone monolith in the center. Freja noticed by their coal smudgings that they were witches, Völva.

The party is overly cautious as they do not know what all this might mean. Endre's curiosity gets the better of him and he lunges into the area noticing a warmth coming from the monolith in the center. Soon the rest of the party follows. 

As the party investigates they notice a medallion on the ground. Freja realizes from her studies of religion that it is the medallion of Ubris followers of "The Loyal Fury". 

The sun soon quickens to its slumber and in no time the party is left in the dark and cannot see.

The party had a tough time lighting their torches but was finally able to get one lit. Travelling to a clearing nearby the party sets up a make shift camp and Endre is elected to take first watch. 

During the night an arctic chill along with snowfall descended upon the area. Freja and Gudbjorg kept warm with their many pelts. However, Endre did not fare so well and before morning he had expired. It could have been due to the elements, a secret ailment, or perhaps a curse from the circle of dead witches. Nonetheless, the fighter had been taken by the gods. 

When Gudbjorg and Freja awoke they were shocked to find their battle friend dead in the snow with ice blue lips. 

Both Freja and Gudbjorg desperatly tried to revive their friend but to no avail. 

Off in the distance a lone hermit, a vagabond, was walking in the clearing and Freja and Gudbjorg waved the person down. Seeing their distress the person made its way over. He approached inquiring as to what the matter was. After explaining what happened to their friend the man said he could try to resurrect their friend. However, the cost would be that their friend would have to serve his god. They agreed.

The man gave a blessing over Endre and while he was doing so the two noticed that the man was wearing a medallion of Ubris. They winced. 

The man arose and started to walk away. Endre started to revive but only for a moment and then slipped back into the shadow realms. 

Gudbjorg and Freja decided to give the witches and Endre a proper sending. 

While gathering the bodies a foreigner approached the two speaking in only gestures. Within a little time it was determined that he was looking for followers of Ubris. As they had ravaged his village and he knew they were amassing in this area. Knowing that having friends is better than traveling alone he decided to stay and help the two. 

Gudbjorg took up her bow and shot down the 9 witches with 7 arrows. They gathered up the bodies along with Endre and burned them. The black smoke rose into the sky.

As Gudbjorg and Freja were showing their respect Gudbjorg looked up to see not one but three Hill giants running down the mountain side and running toward them. 

Freja readied a spell and Gudbjorg nocked an arrow. 

One of the giants was making headway and was quite a bit farther in front of the other two and was gaining on the party. Arrows were loosed and magic was cast and the group ran as fast as they could to get away from this lethal threat. 

The party traveled for what seemed like hours finally reaching the end of the forest. Within their view they see a small village near the edge and approach with caution. Children play near the edge of the quite village. 

As they approach the village a man approaches and signals to them. The man asks where the outsiders are from. The party explains that they had come from the battle at Corpsewood against the Fenrir and are in need of shelter, especially since they just fled from three Hill Giants.

He introduces himself as Hrothgar and welcomes them to the village of Haakon's Forge. The party are welcomed into their Meadhall and stay for 10 days, resting and healing and refocusing.



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