A Deadly Song And An Unlikely Friend

That next morning the Berserker's said their goodbyes to the party and they set off. Everyone gathered their belongings doused their fire and began to set off to find where the hill giant had taken Jormander's carcass.

The morning turned to early afternoon as the snow packed under each footstep. The party, with determination, took few rests as they resolved to find Jormander and its thief. 

Then, suddenly, a sound…a beautiful sound….unlike anyone had ever heard before. Soft, mesmerising singing coming from a place just off the beaten path.  

Ulfgar could hardly contain himself and had to find out what exactly that sound was. The rest of the party followed at a distance. Ulfgar moved ahead quite quickly and pulled his distance away from the other members of the party. 

A lone wood elf was spotted with bow and arrow in hand some 60 feet off the ground high up in a pine tree. The elf noticing the group signaled to them saying to not go any further. They could not make out his instructions and he descended down the tree with great skill descending the 60ft in what seemed like two leaps down from branch to branch and then landing elegantly on top of the snow. 

Ulfgar had come upon a Harpy and unbeknownst to him, a cliff. He lunged toward the Harpy as it sang its unearthly song of seduction.

All the while the Elf had said there were three Harpies up ahead that he had been hunting. The party rushed forward under the protection of Freja's disenchanting protection magic. The party began to hurl arrows and spells. 

Ulfgar had lunged into the talons of the harpy and within an instant she had pulled him away from the cliff and was attempting to drop him down the 1000 foot cliff side to his demise. 

An arrow struck and a witch bolt electrified the Harpy and she dropped Ulfgar he fell quickly, to quickly for the party to react. The Harpy floated downward toward the soon be pulverized Ulfgar.  Next one other Harpy descended out of the trees and attacked but to no avail……the party looking over the side of the cliff saw as their comrades body was decimated on the rocks below.  Another Harpy jumped off the tree tops and began her descent to the bottom. 

The party continued to engage the Harpy that was attacking. The Elf also had joined into the fight an in an instant with fire streaming out of the Monks arms, Arrows leaping from the Elf's bow and magic crackling from the Witches fingers the Harpy was defeated and lay in the snow. 

Another wood elf arrived after the defeat with two rabbits in tow, he had been hunting the small game. The elves introduced themselves. Kier, a ranger and his close companion Kelric a fighter and aspiring magic user. 

The party were committed to seeing their friend Ulfgar off to the afterlife, and to avenge him. The party searched and the Witch found a step crumbling stair case that descended down to the fjord below.  It looked treacherous to say the least. 

The party began to descend the might cliff face stealthily and carefully. It took what seemed to be a lifetime before they came to the bottom all the while watching the harpies feast on their dead friend. 

Everyone slowly nocked their bows and readied their spells and other attacks. 

3….2…..one. ATTACK! Everyone loosed their best shots and took the Harpies by surprise. The party moved in to better engage their foes stepping on the plethora of bodies and bones of their previous victims. 

Talons slashed and arrows flew wings flapped and punches were thrown and in no time the Harpies were defeated. 

Assessing the area the party found an abundance of scattered coins jewels some potions and other some minor magic items from previous adventurers that had fallen before the deception of the Harpies. 

As the party was looking around they spotted another circle of Ubris up across the fjord and up the other cliff. A disgusting site and there were Paladins of Ubris finishing up hanging the witches. Freja became visibly troubled. 

The party finished up looting the dead and were trying to figure out how to get over to the circle of Ubris on the other side. Also seeing the sun going down was stopping their immediate plans of moving forward. 

Then a dragon like creature appeared on the top of the cliff edge and the party became a bit nerve racked. 

The beast leapt off the side of the cliff and began to descend down to the parties location. Everyone readied their weapons and braced for a battle some hiding to gain surprise on the beast. 

It landed, a great green Wyvern. The ranger Kier approached the beast slowly and offered it some meat from their deceased associate, it accepted it with vigor and gulped it down. The other elf and the witch also emerged and offered it food. And it seemed to not mind the party and their vibe. More food was offered including one of the two conies Kelric had hunted. The Wyvern was more than satisfied and cudled up to the group feeling a kinship and a bond. 

Freja had an idea…she approached the beast that measured a good 70 feet long and stroking its scales and speaking to it softly she mounted the creature. She connected with the beast and they took off into the air. Up, up they went and over to the circle of Ubris landing soundly. She dismounted and attempted to communicate with the aptly named Draco to go back and get her companions. It didn't seem interested at first that is until Kelric offered up his second Coney. Draco responed and leapt off the cliff and made way toward the group landing safely. 

"Well, well, what do we have here" came a voice from behind Freja. She turned to look. A Paladin of Ubris unsheathing his sword engaged. She let out a cry and a witch bolt. The Paladin was surprised by the use of magic. The others down below noticed and both Kelric and Kier took a chance and mounted Draco and they wyvern flew up into the air toward the fray. Jhun was left behind to find a way across, let alone a way up to the top. 

Draco landed just after Kelric and Kier loosed arrows into the Paladin. Draco landed and thrust his tail in through the Paladins chest killing him in an instant. 

Draco, after some coaxing probably wanting to stay near to protect his new flock, went to pick up Jhun. The beast moved with swiftness back to the party. 

The group took down the witches that were hanging and decided to wait until morning to burn the bodies as to not draw attention to their location. 

The group huddled up together for warmth and Draco joined them encircling them with his long scaly body.

In the middle of the night Kier was awoken by a great light or lights. He got up and the rest of the party arose as well. Shafts of blue light beaming into the sky like beacons. The party also noticed the Hand of Ubris rock dimly glowing blue through its cracks. They realized that this must represent all the different circles of Ubris as far as they could see. It was a chilling realization. 

The party again slumbered. 

In the morning the group burned the bodies of the witches. Draco decided to perch upon the hand of Ubris. The rock became dislodged and the draconic birds body toppled it over and then a hu……..

The party awoke with overwhelming headaches as if from a thunderous or crushing explosion of some sort. The cliff face had fallen away where the hand of Ubris was at. The adventurers were strewn about some 40-70 feet away from each other. Everyone came too. 



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